Genuine Thai Restaurants in Victoria BC

The Experience

 If you have not been to Thailand, experiencing a meal at Noodle Cart by Little Thai is the closest opportunity for you and your friends and family.  Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine in a truly unique setting which will make you feel as if you were at a street vendor in Thailand, coupled with a noodle cart environment.  This experience is unique not only to Victoria, but to Canada as well.


Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. As with other Asian cuisines, balance, detail and variety are of great significance to Thai chefs. Thai food is known for its balance of three to five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, spicy and sometimes bitter. Thai meals typically consist of either a single dish or some rice (khao in Thai) with many complementary dishes served concurrently and shared by all.

Isan Cuisine

Isan cuisine which is the local cuisine of Isan or northeast region of Thailand, is distinct from Thai and Lao cuisines, but has elements in common with each. The most obvious characteristics are the use of sticky rice that accompanies almost every meal, rather than steamed Jasmine rice, as well as fiery chillies.  Isan food is popular in all other parts of Thailand as well, but normally in versions which temper the extreme heat and sourness favoured in Isan for the more moderate Central Thai palate. At Noodle Cart, we bring you the best of Isan food and familiar Thai cuisine and take you back in time to the old Thai market ambience. We invite you to come and join us in this one of a kind experience in Victoria – your table is ready.

About us

Step through the doors of the Noodle Cart and experience a brand new concept for Victoria: traditional Thai cuisine in an inviting, old-world market setting. Inside, savour the authentic flavours of Thailand prepared with the freshest ingredients by our trained Thai chef, who has created a diverse menu filled with specialty dishes from the northeast region, tempting vegan options, and small plates perfect for sharing – delicious food to enjoy with good friends and exceptional value.

Noodle Cart in the Community

The Noodle Cart and its sister restaurants, Little Thai Place, believe that any truly successful business is a success in large part because of the support it enjoys from its community. To say thank you, the Noodle Cart supports CanAssist, a unique University of Victoria organization dedicated to developing empowering technologies, programs and services that help people with special needs improve their quality of life.